You can purchase exhibitor/artist alley space for the March 12 Annapolis Comic-Con at our registration website:

Tables at ACC are 6' wide with at least 4' of space behind each one. 

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Exhibitor space for the 2022 SMCC will go on sale as soon as the date is announced.


Tables at SMCC are 8' wide with at least 4' of space behind each one.

If you have any other questions about exhibiting, please contact us.

SMCC '21 Exhibitor/Artist List

200-Third Eye Comics

501-21st Century Sandshark Studios

309- 2-Land Comics

307-Ageless Press

603-Al Orsa Art

100, 101, 102-Alicia's Anime

208-Allen Ryde

408-Art By A Tess

Art Way Alliance

605-Arthos World

107- Black Hoodie Art

508-Bread Arts - August Lewis


700, 701-Bryan Tillman

702-Carolyn Belefski


204- Charles County Public Library

706-Chris Flick


106-Colonial Ministry of Defense

601-Crown & Crab

610-Culture Clash Studios


400-Dream Collectibles

505-Dren Productions


302-Fantasy Author Mark Piggott

206-Farpoint Convention


509- Gillimurphy Press artwork by Christopher Lewis

502-Harry Carpenter

103- Heroes and Wizards Studios

401-I Had This!

705-Ian McGinty

207-Joe Auditore

704-Joe Hunter

404-K.A. Hedrick Design

306- KawaiiLolliePoP and CheeseSodaArt

209-Kurenai Kiba

703-Lan Pitts

510-LJG Illustration

405-Lonely Tentacle Productions

303-MatchaParfait Productions

407-Miniature Inspirations

503-MLS Weech & FeistyLeisty

Monster Energy

104- My Corner of the Universe Comics

606-Number 12 Creations

608-Ori Avissar

607-Paragon Unity

202, 203-Pop Culture Propoganda

604- Reid F. Tittle Guardian Graphics

602-Renee Bowyer


600-Scott Clarke Studio

507-Signs by Kelly

Southern Maryland Pinball

409-The Pin Pal

305-The Rose of Valhalla

304-Three Starving Artists

410-Topaz Strange

109, 110-Ventureeffects

105- VikingsCon

500-Words by Edward

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